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Leveraging intellectual capital

Opportunity for high-yield investments in this commercial real estate market is extraordinary. Satya Capital Group is uniquely Positioned to capitalize on the exceptional opportunities in the current market. We focus on distressed real estate where pricing levels are meaningfully below historical replacement costs. We provide customized structured finance product for just about any scenario. Leveraging intellectual capital, we have the ability to structure the risk away from our investors.

Current market conditions

Lenders are restricted to lending to a handful of developers, limiting new capital in the market. Current market conditions are a result of lack of funding. This is an extraordinary opportunity for investors. Until liquidity returns, repriced assets will be unattractive to conventional banks.We expect that there are approximately 4 more years to capture the valuable opportunities that exist.


We partner with a variety of Investors, Institutional Investors, Smaller Pensions Funds, High-Net-Worth Individuals, Family Offices and Endowments. They all have one thing in common and that is they want meaningful yields on their investments. Our strategy is focused on alternatives within the fixed income class that can provide higher yields with more control and less risk.

Private Banking Services To Investors

Satya Capital Group is committed to the successful performance of our real estate investment funds and loan portfolios. To learn how to earn 10-12% principal-protected returns in our Private Lenders Network™ through investing in First Position Private Mortgages also known as 1st Lien Trust Deeds, click here to Learn More.

Contact us. We’re happy to discuss investment opportunities with you by telephone or in person.
Alternative investments entail substantial risks and may not be suitable for all investors.

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